First aid courses in English

As something new Babyfabrikken offers first aid courses in English for parents who have children within the age of 0-8 years. These courses are – like the ones in Danish – run by our partners First-8.


About the class

The purpose of the course is to give you both theoretical and practical knowledge about first aid to babies and children. Thereby making you able to act properly if an emergency situation should occur. 

At the beginning of the course we will introduce you to different first aid methods. Afterwards we will do practical training on dolls. During this training we will use the methods learned in different exercises and scenarios.

During the course you will learn how to handle:

-      Heart massage – with and without defibrillator

-      Choking

-      Objects in the throat

-      Etching and toxic elements

-      Fever cramps

-      Barking cough

Program of the day

-      Presentation of the instructor and First-8.

-      What to be aware of as a parent.

-      The four main points, ABC-method, recovering position and normal side position.

-      Alert procedures: Who and how should you contact?

-      Heart- and lung rescue in practice – with and without defibrillator (AED).

-      What to do when the ambulance arrives?

-      Practical training: Exercises and scenarios.

-      Rounding up, evaluation and information about your certificate.

Practical information about the next course

Where:        Babyfabrikken, Parmagade 14, 2300 København S.

When:         Saturday 2 December, 10.30-13.30.

Price:          350 kr. pr. person/550 kr. for a parent coulpe.

                  Coffee/tea is included in the price. We also sell cake at a favorable price.

Babies are of course welcome!


You can sign up for the course through our online booking system by clicking at the button “online booking” at the top of this site. 

About First-8

First-8 offers highly professional knowledge, practical teaching experience and a structured and refreshing approach to the first aid teaching.

We focus on thorough theory and student activity, and it is our aim to establish a calm educational environment with room for time and understanding. First-8 is certificated and our educations plans are developed according to current guidelines from Dansk Førstehjælpsråd. Thus we can issue valid first aid certificates.

All our instructors have a background in the Armed Forces where they as a minimum are educated as a sergeant or an officer. During their training they have taken an education as first aid instructors.

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